Girls at heART

Next Saturday at 4 PM we will discuss THE heART OF heALING! Listening to – TEA WITH A NORTHERN DUCHESS – #kettlesonbeloveds by CHASTITYS CHYLD #kettlesonbeloveds THIS SATURDAY AT 4pm GOD WHERE IS MY HUSBAND?


SeaSONs change, yet it is up to us to feel its warmth, chill, cold, or frigidness. We are all Girls at heART. With something to contribute. Often we are silent victims, YET others choose ART, WRITING, and HELPING OTHER VICTIMS as a form of healing. Healing begins with THE HEALER of the broken hearts. Psalm 147:3 kJv He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.

We rarely even ask HIM for healing, we ask HIM FOR MAN NUMBER 2, 3, 4…Yet, I am finding that this step #1 has not been MASTERED, rarely even acknowledged. If Daddy Yeshua says that HE both heals and mends these issues, why do we seek relationship number two to accomplish this?

Did you know King YEShua, LOVES ART! If you look at HIS sky, do you ever notice the myriad of colors? How about his reminder “bow” rainbow, with the beautiful arrangement of colors. He loves poetry, did HE NOT SAY David was a man after HIS own heart. If that is the case then lets look at the book of Psalms in particular. “Poetry has traditionally embodied religious imagination and reflected the deepest longings, joys, and tribulations of humanity. As the Bible’s best-known poetry, the Psalms have been a rich source of inspiration for meditation, song, and recitation for thousands of year” Laurance Wieder 

In my opinion LOVE is ART, because it is fluid. If I express it you can digest it and if you return it I can likewise. The ART OF SAVORING its taste, smell, feeling, and sometimes memory create heightened emotion and revelry. Is not music art, does it not invoke the same expression. It causes your body to move as love should too. Yet again, it’s up to you to check the thermometer of love, and learn the seaSON. Sometimes it feels like summer when it is sleet. Not only will you get wet, but you also can get ill. In such a case, does not one need time to heal?


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