God where is my husband…Finale

Sometimes God wants you to figure out the rest. The studio became undone as I was bringing it home. However, I believe you get the theory, and I will refer to the concept as we go forward in our tutelages.

On another note, I was on periscope today and I hit a hot topic. Check it out and likewise join me over there. Periscope @chastitychyld My followers are adorable and if I were you, I would add me up – pronto!

YT – You raising her children, but not your own!!

Next week we are going to discuss a term I created called “Healing N Motion” – This is the reason why I believe so many women are continually looking for DADDY – I agree and I am likewise N that state, yet I chose my King and Savior to fill the role. Thank you Daddy YEShua for raising, keeping and HEALing me, continually. Your little,

Black Ballerina,


Chastity Chyld

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