When you choose to tirelessly sow N2 a person who refuses to sow N2 themselves you R doing 2 much! There was a time when women were homemakers and stayed home and the husband provided. The roles were clear and understood. Time went by and with the liberation movements women became CEO’s. Some men embraced our contribution, and some decided to enterprise off of it.

Opting to eat, sleep, and live off of the woman. Some even went as far as to set up drug enterprises within the abode. Women tried to continue N homemaker roles while taking on his. Ultimately confusion created chaos and roles became reversed in unconceivable ways.

The men were wearing the aprons, some secretly wigs. The women were the providers and likewise took on male aggression. The children rebelled as no mothers were around and fatherlessness became a typical household makeup. More time passed and women looked for equals and began to entertain other women. Men likewise laid with men and we fell into contempt of one another.

Look at the characters men play emmulating women as ignorant, shameless, and man hungry annihilators. They hold some of the biggest fan bases from Majah Hype, Suzan, Madea, Big Momma, and Rasputia. They are not viewing us as the virtuous CROWNS we were created to be. Role reversal has ruined the connectivity of King and Queen to CLOWNS and COMEDIANS. Love yourself enough to bypass the class of fools. Love yourself so much that you avoid people who have been impacted by loving someone too much. When they encounter the blockage they operate like angry, irritated, often jealous, robots, just functioning to continue the mandatory essentials of life. Some people are broken N places they don’t even allow God, unfortunately. When you give it to God you function to forgive, face, and fortify off of the lessons learned along the way. Kiss it goodbye, yet be industrious enough to enterprise off of your wasted time.  #avoidandliveannoyed OR #letitgoandgrow



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