U smoke LOUD and you PROUD…

You brag about a $70 to $100 dollar per month habit? Proud of the stench that wreaks out of your mouth? Maybe it’s that burnt, blunt lip effect that it gives you? Kind of saves you money on lipstick…tho…


Your precious body fighting 60 chemical cannabinoids, add 5,000 additional chemicals if you not NEW to the PORT? #alivewithpleasure

That nasty cough, meanwhile your lungs suffocate inside the body you claim to love. I believe you tho, because you religiously singe your waist trainers within inches of breathing capability. You also have babies with random, and married men whom you have not tested for sexually transmitted diseases. That puts both you and baby at the mercy seat of his past and yours combined. Therefore, when you brag on social media about this addiction and show this level of regard for yourselves, I beLIEve you…when you say “I don’t give AF…”


I sure pray the children do…tho

Northern Youth Duchess


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