STAR is getting all yo bucks? #starbucks

Oooopps I did it again! Spent thirty percent of my income on Starbucks! I need counseling!


Lets have a Frap and Chat sounds good and tastes good too, but can you really afford it?
A group in California is suing coffee chains with the aim of getting them to label their coffee as carcinogenic.

READ ALL ABOUT IT #canceranyone

As of 2017 the google search has mysteriously simmered down. Yet, you be the judge and jury. Even Teavana, Whole Foods, and Dunkins Donuts to name a few are mentioned. As we are a Youth Magazine we are making you aware. Not to scare you, but to help you to see the vast market of oppurtunities available to you. Enterprise on thier thievery and lack of health values toward humans consumers.

Dolls dream big, build empires, dynasties, and legacy’s with morality, integrity, and character. #spearheadthisrace

We are hiring #girlsatheART Health Writers for 2018. ULTIMATELY, we are a Newspaper continually pursuing sharp, intense, and versitile writers for every faction of life as we know it..Is this you? If so continue sending us your pieces.

#girlsatheART are seeking our Carrie Bradshaw of health! Yes we are the truth, news, young, gifted, and GODLY, but we still love Manolo’s, Chanel, and LV’s! #princesses #duchesses #queens2

Caroline “Carrie” Marie Bradshaw is a fictional character and lead character of the HBO … Carrie writes a weekly column called “Sex and the City” for fiction.


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