When yo dude corny, and everybody know but you


When you first see his pic in your DM you start squinting, and you call the crew and your girls say, “Yes girl, that is the dude that be in everyone’s DM. He is a serial and repeat offender in these streets.” Shaking your head you consider calling her and telling her. Then you vaguely remember the last time you saw him on campus. He was irrelevant then and he remained irrelevant now!

After your advanced math elective you were exhausted yet sipping a hot lavender tea.


You look up from one of your many Chastity’s MAC Tools and say, “I told you this numerous times, but I’m gonna do me.”


You think about your friend and decide to buy her some knowledge #knowledge and keep it moving. No need in trying to convince somebody of something they already felt deep inside. Somehow you have a feeling, that she heard it all before.


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