Women Taking care of MEN-children

If you happen to find yourself in a position where you have to help out a man it should fall within the following contexts. There must be a sense of obligation and a marital contract that allows women to assist a spouse or “man.” If he was your provider and fell into injury, deformity, or lack of independence and needs his WIFES assistance, YES HELP HIM! This is a horrific situation that tends to happen from time to time, BUT


shame on you “men” who can open your hand to a woman. Shame on you “men” who can’t pass pre- job urine test(s) to get basic level jobs and steal your infants urine instead. Ladies you know who they are, if your wallet comes out when he is in your presence let that be the last date. If he is forcing you into uncomfortable situations that cause you to question his character, odds are they are questionable! More so, when you are helping a picky man- child, who is starving with reservation!


He does not even deserve an exit explanation. Ladies, you are not exempt! You brag and show off when a man sends you Western Union! Excuse me, we pay fees on that, what is your bank routing number? Furthermore, ladies if your asking a man to send you change and feeling proud, whilst sacrificing your precious womb, “YOU JUST GOT ROBBED!”

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