Why doesn’t she like you?

Ummm, I have no clue, but one thing I do know is that she has FAR bigger fish to fry than me! Sometimes, you run N2 a crazy woman/man who doesn’t like you and has never even met you eye 2 eye! Feeling sorry for that person, you try to be kind and empathetic to her plight. Yet, you still can’t seem 2 figure out what you did to incur the wrath of Ms Jenkins!


We all have met a Ms Jenkins before and we clearly don’t want any problems with such a “lady” – If you are disliked by someone, and you can’t quite figure out why? Perhaps the real reason(s) you are disliked is because Ms Jenkins lost her self esteem and self worth a long time ago. It doesn’t matter how nice you are to people like this, they would harm anyone and anything to ultimately get what they want. I sure hope its worth it sHEneneh, and that one day you will smile from your heart, and not hurt, regret, and anger.


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