Girl it couldn’t be me…



Are you dumb?

Heck NO! Ladies don’t allow these frustrated scared to step out on faith people to dim your shine! If their man took forever to discern if they were marriage material it is likely they will take forever to adapt to the role. It does not happen over night!

Bad advisors can quickly end a fragile new born marriage. Yet love always wins in the end and when you get to the nearest exit drop the fake, and phony’s off right there! Do not look back! Instead, get counsel from invested, and committed marriage professionals. Good Examples: Non partial couples who are married not shacking! Bad Examples: People trying to give advice in an area where they have no LAW-ful or EXPERIENTIAL commentary or value to add. Single, bitter, and lonely club members. The he won’t marry me but we live together and got mad kids crew! If they never heard these words from a bright and educated man, believe me it is for a reason! Your marriage is for keeps!



Women Taking care of MEN-children

If you happen to find yourself in a position where you have to help out a man it should fall within the following contexts. There must be a sense of obligation and a marital contract that allows women to assist a spouse or “man.” If he was your provider and fell into injury, deformity, or lack of independence and needs his WIFES assistance, YES HELP HIM! This is a horrific situation that tends to happen from time to time, BUT


shame on you “men” who can open your hand to a woman. Shame on you “men” who can’t pass pre- job urine test(s) to get basic level jobs and steal your infants urine instead. Ladies you know who they are, if your wallet comes out when he is in your presence let that be the last date. If he is forcing you into uncomfortable situations that cause you to question his character, odds are they are questionable! More so, when you are helping a picky man- child, who is starving with reservation!


He does not even deserve an exit explanation. Ladies, you are not exempt! You brag and show off when a man sends you Western Union! Excuse me, we pay fees on that, what is your bank routing number? Furthermore, ladies if your asking a man to send you change and feeling proud, whilst sacrificing your precious womb, “YOU JUST GOT ROBBED!”

When yo dude corny, and everybody know but you


When you first see his pic in your DM you start squinting, and you call the crew and your girls say, “Yes girl, that is the dude that be in everyone’s DM. He is a serial and repeat offender in these streets.” Shaking your head you consider calling her and telling her. Then you vaguely remember the last time you saw him on campus. He was irrelevant then and he remained irrelevant now!

After your advanced math elective you were exhausted yet sipping a hot lavender tea.


You look up from one of your many Chastity’s MAC Tools and say, “I told you this numerous times, but I’m gonna do me.”


You think about your friend and decide to buy her some knowledge #knowledge and keep it moving. No need in trying to convince somebody of something they already felt deep inside. Somehow you have a feeling, that she heard it all before.


Boy Bye! #boybye

A broken heart can mend, there has been an influx on the number of broken hearts #girlsatheART worked with this week alone. The pattern found to be the same, was “the “otha” woman”

One may say heart ministry is a Cardiologists craft, well yes I agree if food and lifestyle were the only culprits. At #girlsatheART our mission is to prevent our youth from becoming the next victim(s). Men, do you realize the pain that the mother of your children is feeling transfers onto the life of your children. When she can barely hug, love, or smile it often falls on her offspring.

Ladies, your turn –  you then pray for a spouse to replace the one who JUST left. May I ask, what do you have to offer a sound, strong, and accomplished King? Can you greet him with a smile, honesty, and love? I doubt it if you can barely offer it to your friends, children, and most importantly your SELF. You will be more concerned with commitment, abandonment, disagreement, acknowledgement, advertisement, argument, and ultimately dethronement. Replacing your beautiful crown for a fake goldplated party hat, with a rehearsed, painted on smile.


And all because, you never developed a relationship with SELF. Alone time is crucial to heart development and healing. How can God’s Spirit communicate with you if your constantly surrounded by noise and discourse. If you can’t function unless you have a crowd, music, tv, or social media you’ve already flunked the first class. Can you go to dinner alone? Can you travel alone? Can you sit in quiet and be still alone? Do you read, write, or draw? What do you personally like to do in the stillness?

You need healthy outlets on a consistent basis and we will be discussing that on tomorrows show. I will discuss the road to healing, and what it looks like? How it feels and the impact it makes on you, and your journey. Honestly you will be glad you tuned in, soon you will be saying… #boybye #kettleson #blogtalkradio


Psalms 46:10 – Be still, and know that I [am] God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.

Exodus 14:14 – The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.