Treat you decent

MY MAN and MY MONEY #Rseperated

Ummm yes boo, I love you 2 and all of that. Yet my money and you have nothing in common. Did you help me earn any of this? Did you support me when I was low in spirits? Did you come to my rescue when nobody else cared? Were you my cut man? Were you just a phone call away? Nah, but HE was!


I got his back, because HE HAD MINE, in fact “HE GOT HIS OWN” – With HIM everyday is my birthday. Not because he says it, but because he shows it! Y’all begging ass dudes need to stop playing yourself! My Daddy don’t make no FOOLS! Get the heck outa here!  cropped-15285052_1110654835698374_2450046148360792249_n.jpg

Real Kings do Real Things! Including PROVIDE!



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