When your so hungry that you have to steal, I may just let you keep it! Ballerina’s don’t eat after dogs!


Yet, we certainly know how to SPAY and NEUTER. When he belongs to her, please send him home! We all get hungry from time to time, but if you steal a slice be certain not to leave a scent! Some wives will track you down and kick your ass!



On that note, if this is you or any of your crew, please be well advised this man and woman are #ONEFLESH – and if your vocabulary skills are “lacking”

Translations, word origin, and more definitions



  1. apart; divided.
    “those whom God hath joined together let no man put asunder”
     Mark 10:9

If you stole him and he eventually married you, your still a thirst bucket thief and you are NOT EXEMPT! You would never get an invitation to my personal abode!  STAY IN FIRST position WIVES and trust God! The battle belongs to him, dolls! 


Ladies – please stop this! It is a horrific look! That also goes for nosey ass family members helping to dissemble homes! I been there read about it! Click Here! You will reap what you sow! #NASTY or #NOSEY Get your life Girl! Right Tae Tae?


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