Divorce is not always the answer!

We all have issues in relationships and even marriage. There are even times when divorce is wanted by both parties and it was just a matter of time. Yet, please be cognizant of the step that you are taking. It is not always an open and shut case. When children are involved and God Forbid FAMILY – be wise keep your marital business to yourself!


Even if you have a seemingly concerned “friend” be mindful that unless you are in a dangerous situation that you intend on leaving that information need remain within your marital union! For those who feel they have or had a role in that union let me clarify the union participants – God, Hubby, and You!


Carefully, pray together and seek God’s hand and guidance alone! You may be surprised to learn that what you felt was vomit was only a hiccup on the road to a very happy and fulfilling union between God, Hubby, and Yourself, my Queen!

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Before you know it your both back dancing and smiling #huxtablelife

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