Wow! I have seen a lot of madness in my days, yet the most disgusting pet peeve I have NOTICED IN 2017 R cheaters, liars, thieves, and NOSEY ASS, HATING PEOPLE! If this is likewise your view, nature, or someone N your crew press this button ASAP! Firstly people GET HELP! This is a serious issue you would want to address. If you spend your time trying to find ways to destroy people and there happiness you block your

personal blessings – NOT MINE –                                          15285052_1110654835698374_2450046148360792249_n

My “B” don’t stand for Beyonce’ or boy friend – but rather BLACK BALLERINA of The Black Foot Indian Tribe that scalps and dissects lies and liars and re – DIRECTS MY ballerina girls to TRUTH! Liars never WIN, but LOVE always WINS – and fortunately for me – My daddy iz a King!  #mydaddyizaking©


I always tell my girls to let them talk and walk and then watch them fall. I defend, because I am adult enough to know that only the broken do this type of foolishness. My advice is to put yourself in the other persons position and see how you would feel. I believe that we all need work and have issues, but allow marriages, relationships, and long term friendships room to breath, grow, and develop. Your opinion should be reserved for a time and place when you will be offered to take a Holy Vow before a Holy Omnipotent God with your significant other. If you have and you mistreated, cheated, and connived people to get there, you will reap what you have sown! Until then…


When Daddy Jesus text you and says [Daughter jump on that SO GONE rhythm for Chastity Chyld Inc] Ten minutes later Daddy Jesus calls you with Father Adonai, and Paraclete on the phone … And, it goes a little something like this…


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