Ummm well “NG” lets start from the beginning of the day. We came over and said, “let us help you get ready for the event?” You shook your head and said, “I’m good guys and I got this.” Before we left we went through your closet with you and we chose some rather decent pieces, I would say?


Ladies you can still be sexy and appropriate, it’s a good look for image, business, and beyond!

Later that evening you show up at the event dressed like this…


When we saw you, we were glad to see you, but in my mind all I wanted to say was…


Hence the nickname given you before the end of the night, NG. You had a lot of fun in the dance and I was even questioned by a couple of people if you danced for a living. Your moves were quite, interesting to say the least.


I am sure you can now see the reason why you were a one hit wonder that night. Its not personal it’s just business. When you show up for work as a stewardess you will be addressed as such. When you show up at a dance dressed like a nut gobbler you will be addressed as such.

The End

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