Don’t ruin this moment my princes and princess – allow me to tell you why – We do not want you to find out what making love is in the parking lot of a dance hall….

Please note there is a song at the end of this video that will help you understand this reasoning – listen to it after you sip this tea…


The first kiss, yes it is going to be awkward and weird and you may discover that first kiss light years ahead of a intimate encounter – however this picture is not a 2017 time frame – here is the 2017 first kiss – we call it “The morning after”


Clearly, these two have gone far beyond a “first kiss” If you pay close attention to this picture the girl looks lost in this moment. Clearly she is committed and relishing the experience, but what about him, what is he thinking about? In our opinion he looks “blank” this is normal as men are wired differently then women.

Here is our suggestion, wanna hear it? Okay here it go! Start off just being friends. Make music together – DATE the person. Surround yourself around others and attend events together until one day you two are planning your own Big Event!


All this to say – when your both properly educated and prepared 2 “make love” this is a precious experience. Don’t dispatch pieces of your heart and virtue around town. When you meet someone you really like, learn, and grow 2 love it will go a little something like this…



It will even sound beautiful, Jill #thisizart Njoy

Chastity Chyld


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