It may have been the way that he licked his lips or his ghetto head nod when you first locked eyes. Either way he got you and you were young and dumb. Naive to the ways of the world, men, and some of the horrible intentions they had.


So you leaped in2 a relationship with his image and street rank at the forefront. Forsaking his criminal record, criminal activity, criminal mind, and your common senses that your momma continually plugged into your head. Yet, your desire to be loved exceeded, outranked, and eliminated what she said, because you never felt love and protection from a man. Even the father that impregnated your mother forsook you and lyrically you sought justice.


Years pass and he has not changed, he is still smoking, drinking, clubbing, and jumping off. You have become a young woman at this point and you feel frustrated. Wondering how to correct this mistake you stay, and pray that God will somehow fix this mess.


As an adult you attend an office luncheon, only to be greeted by one of his side chicks. The man you thought you knew from childhood was actually an ambassador of lies and a fictitious character altogether. As you flip through your faded photographs the disgust builds in your heart and now that you have married him you need to learn how to forgive. So what do you do and how do you do this, you ask? Well, you pray for them, and ask the Lord to help you learn to forgive them both or all. It will be one of the toughest decisions you will ever have to make. Just remember that he is your husband now, and not your boyfriend… anymore. Read my book and read how I learned the art of forgiveness. In the end it cost lost time, regret, and a lack of trust. Everyday, you will be forced to learn to forgive a bit more and more …. The key a lot of us forget is to not only pray for your marriage, forgiveness, and restoration, but likewise pray for the “slide(s)” Right Yan?


And remember, you have the God given right to be where you are! Don’t give them slides no room to break your union, nor 2 become you! Please bear in mind, ALSO – do not let him destroy you! If he has done anything requiring legal assistance, GET IT! If you have to leave until God breaks the chain, do so, just keep your chastity in tact! Trust mi, he will never be able to replace the truth and God will reward you for your virtue, as He is likewise united in this union until death due you part! Love Big Sis – Read my Poetic Justice #getpaidNroyalties

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