Get yo SCHMONEY boo, keep focused and all eyes on this money! Once its got go live like the QUEEN you were created to be. The song is called #teamyou – hmmm well this song is called #teamME. Love you enough to leave trash in the receptacle. If there was anything of value in the trash, surely it smells, looks, and acts like shit! Lets be clear bitches are NOT all female!


Furthermore as you are carried in2 your future you can trade the anger, tears, and war for blushes and smiles. When you blush just from his voice and presence. When the sound of his breathing gives you strength. The kind of love that closes the door to your lack of trust and opens the door to your NEWfound lack of need. He SERVES you…with love, and he understood exactly why it had to be #teamME before it could ever be #teamSHE – and SHE will blush again… He serves and You deserve it boo…




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