How The Northern – Duchess felt …

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Chastity Chyld Magazine and Podcast

during the building of…..

The Royal Elite / Chastity Chyld Incorporation Empire 2018
The Northern Duchess
Constitution and ByLaws
That excellence among women may be nurtured; that oppurtunity may be provided for leadership training; that an intellectual climate may be promoted for an interchange of ideas and ideals; and that women may be imbued with desire to fortify morality, integrity, and character, we dedicate ourselves as The Royal Elite of Chastity Chyld Incorporation. Among us membership is a privilege earned by qualifications, honor, and service. In the conduct of our activities, truth shall be our quest, diligence our staff, and achievement our purpose.

Hmmmm ….Ok…Ok …this is how I reallyfelt…


This is how Kavod Academy Link #snack-attack and my #ballerina-girls felt…


Meanwhile, Girls at heART magazine has gone global


and sky rocketed and hit numbers that are phenomenal for such low impact

marketing – We are the FIRST REALITY…

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