“These expensive these is red bottoms

these is bloody shoes, and i’m quick cut 2 a nigga off so don’t get comfortable” BodaK – LADIES when the FIRST reality newspaper is quiet we out getting the testimony!


On that note – you can be part of the testimony and not the ROYALTY! The King may have just borrowed your life to help inspire those who would rather be obedient! Likewise, our lives are not our own HE is the CHIEF!


So as we sat back counting and making our Kings royalties…


We got a message from Our King – shut down the show and regroup – I know a lot of times we want to do the right thing for others, but if others won’t do the right thing for themselves you likely won’t get that luxury from them either. Self love – just when you think you understand how to give it to yourself The Chief alerted myself and another royal reign simultaneously that we were being …


Yaaaap DAT! We both are bosses in this field so we work as a team and minister to one another. We take a deep breath and continue regrouping for the Gamma Tour. Yet we both like…


and keep it moving because we have no other choice, we are His Chosen Vessels and we have got to keep it moving, and so we bow deep ..


and prayerfully and carefully back out of His Royal Courts – The testimony’s coming this year will be hot, and if you have been in this place called “reality” – you had better be here – I know you prolly heard of me – I am the Northern Duchess @chastitychyld – blog talk radio is going to be ablaze as another out let – Gamma Tour – we getting ready we have the Kingdom orders – lets go!


Thine Kingdom Come…on earth as it is in heaven…

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