Cancer survivor and avoidance mandatory lifestyle change 12/26 by CHASTITYS CHYLD | Education Podcasts


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Using the will God has given to us wisely is mandatory to optimal Kingdom living. That is why He suggests that our daily prayer be to ask that His will be done daily. It is the perfect prayer, however we can and do over ride our request often as we do have a free will. The choice is yours and as we continue with our Cancer series lets discuss the life style changes required after surviving Cancer – Why are we required to change our eating? What if I don’t like the taste of the foods that I am told to consume?

Source: Cancer survivor and avoidance mandatory lifestyle change 12/26 by CHASTITYS CHYLD | Education Podcasts


If you spend your life trying to gain approval of others, you will be exhausted! I see people trying desperately to gain the approval of others. Eventually they begin to mirror one another. I look for inspirational people to share my thoughts and time with. Planners, builders, and global minded leaders. As my mentor Dr Myles Munroe poignantly said, ?Poor people talk about money, wealthy people talk about ideals.? While you may be planning to buy a house a wealthy minded individual is configuring how to buy the block, and turn it into a shopping plaza with a sub division in the back. Why, because he or she has enlarged there territory. If you sit amongst spade players and throw cards for fun, you may develop a pass time mentality. Put down the joker and pick up a spade. Even if you can’t afford to change your environment. You can always change it inside a great book. Read, learn, grow, and pass time gaining wisdom. There will be times when a game of spades sounds fun. Yet doing so on your personal yacht versus federal prison sounds better, don’t ya think?


Join Us in the Fight for Net Neutrality

Exactly – this is going to fracture the entire world!

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Automattic strongly believes in a free and open Internet and it’s hard to imagine a truly open Internet without Net Neutrality.

What Is Net Neutrality?

“Net Neutrality” is the simple but very powerful principle that all Internet traffic should be treated equally. Whether you’re reading a blog post on, streaming Game of Thrones on HBO GO, or browsing handcrafted tea cozies on Etsy, your Internet service provider delivers the Internet to you at the same speed, without blocking, throttling, or charging extra tolls based on the content you’re viewing. You can learn more about Net Neutrality and why it’s important by visiting

Net Neutrality gives all online businesses, large and small, a chance to reach customers and succeed. It also protects important free speech rights online by prohibiting Internet providers from slowing or blocking sites or messages they don’t agree with.

Net Neutrality means an Internet where…

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Why do we get cancer and how? 12/20 by CHASTITYS CHYLD | Education Podcasts

HPV is so common that nearly all sexually active men and women get the virus at some point in their lives. Although the overall racial disparity in cancer death rates is decreasing, in 2012, the death rate for all cancers combined was 24% higher in black men and 14% higher in black women than in white men and women, respectively. Even with an already high rate of occurrence, African-American women are two to three times more likely to have recurring fibroids or suffer from complications from them. Southern states bear the greatest burden of HIV, accounting for 50% of new infections in 2014.

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Cancer is impacting young adults at alarming rates! CHASTITYS CHYLD | Education Podcasts

LARK.pngHerbal therapuetic medicine has a huge impact on the healing of illness and diseases. We attempt to treat it with radiation and life threatening drugs, yet we never cure cancer. The lifestyle you choose to live can help hault the development of chronic disease and ultimately increase your lifespan. If your doctor gives you this bad news, what is the first course of action you will take? Think about it, and lets talk, and learn about it, shall we…

Source: Cancer is impacting young adults at alarming rates! 12/14 by CHASTITYS CHYLD | Education Podcasts