Tea with a Northern Duchess

As time would have it after a few strong sips of Mint Majesty combined with Dragonwell Green Tea – A grand count down to commercial. The timing was perfect for a Blog Talk Newbie. Unfortunately the part two is two days away.

As we left off, I had actually thrown the ball N2 YOUR COURT – I hope that many of you will take the next few days to highly consider the analogies, and if maybe, just maybe you are my caller who comprehends.

My schedule will go as such Mon and Fri at 4pm. Followed by a Girls at heART commentary here chastitychyld.net. Last night it was made clear to me that this would be an upcoming magazine for us to meet, mingle, and always be kept up to speed as we are handling matters of the heart and they require special care.

Your heart must agree with mine, and we should find our enjoyments. I would love to hear from you, and get to learn a few of your favorite things OUR FAVORITE THINGS.