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Ladies get ready we gonna get free! Change your life – get yo mind righteous and clean! Come on boo

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“These expensive these is red bottoms

these is bloody shoes, and i’m quick cut 2 a nigga off so don’t get comfortable” BodaK – LADIES when the FIRST reality newspaper is quiet we out getting the testimony!


On that note – you can be part of the testimony and not the ROYALTY! The King may have just borrowed your life to help inspire those who would rather be obedient! Likewise, our lives are not our own HE is the CHIEF!


So as we sat back counting and making our Kings royalties…


We got a message from Our King – shut down the show and regroup – I know a lot of times we want to do the right thing for others, but if others won’t do the right thing for themselves you likely won’t get that luxury from them either. Self love – just when you think you understand how to give it to yourself The Chief alerted myself and another royal reign simultaneously that we were being …


Yaaaap DAT! We both are bosses in this field so we work as a team and minister to one another. We take a deep breath and continue regrouping for the Gamma Tour. Yet we both like…


and keep it moving because we have no other choice, we are His Chosen Vessels and we have got to keep it moving, and so we bow deep ..


and prayerfully and carefully back out of His Royal Courts – The testimony’s coming this year will be hot, and if you have been in this place called “reality” – you had better be here – I know you prolly heard of me – I am the Northern Duchess @chastitychyld – blog talk radio is going to be ablaze as another out let – Gamma Tour – we getting ready we have the Kingdom orders – lets go!


Thine Kingdom Come…on earth as it is in heaven…


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Ummm well “NG” lets start from the beginning of the day. We came over and said, “let us help you get ready for the event?” You shook your head and said, “I’m good guys and I got this.” Before we left we went through your closet with you and we chose some rather decent pieces, I would say?

15570952_161138117697198_410914315_n.gif Ladies you can still be sexy and appropriate, it’s a good look for image, business, and beyond!

Later that evening you show up at the event dressed like this…


When we saw you, we were glad to see you, but in my mind all I wanted to say was…


Hence the nickname given you before the end of the night, NG. You had a lot of fun in the dance and I was even questioned by a couple of people if you danced for a living. Your moves were quite, interesting to…

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DRAG QUEEN – or silence! Hmmm

Sometimes people have an unintentional faux pas of ignorance here and there. Yet some people are just plain ole habitual, mean, nasty, ass, individuals! One thing we as women are protective over is our children and likewise my Father in particularly!

Matthew 18:6 King James Version (KJV)

But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

I would ask that we treat one another the same way we would desire to be treated. I am blessed to have a very loving King who created me to be His Royal Queen and as such I dare not step outside of character. #mydaddyizaking

Ephesians 4:26 King James Version (KJV)

26 Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath

But Nikki will do it for me!


On that note we will just say to please be careful who you offend with your bullshit. You never know who may own the very complex you may apply to rent someday. Being careful how we treat people is rewarding because you tend to build useful allies and associates. God is not a respecter of persons, and if you feel better than anyone you are sadly mistaken. However, if you abuse others, expect to be abused.. only dogs bark at people!


We will talk about a lot of issues common to us all on CHASTITY SMILES tour 2018 – I am looking forward to MIC pass – lets mic check some issues and put them to rest! #chastitysmilestour2018 FYI….






Get yo SCHMONEY boo, keep focused and all eyes on this money! Once its got go live like the QUEEN you were created to be. The song is called #teamyou – hmmm well this song is called #teamME. Love you enough to leave trash in the receptacle. If there was anything of value in the trash, surely it smells, looks, and acts like shit! Lets be clear bitches are NOT all female!


Furthermore as you are carried in2 your future you can trade the anger, tears, and war for blushes and smiles. When you blush just from his voice and presence. When the sound of his breathing gives you strength. The kind of love that closes the door to your lack of trust and opens the door to your NEWfound lack of need. He SERVES you…with love, and he understood exactly why it had to be #teamME before it could ever be #teamSHE – and SHE will blush again… He serves and You deserve it boo…





It may have been the way that he licked his lips or his ghetto head nod when you first locked eyes. Either way he got you and you were young and dumb. Naive to the ways of the world, men, and some of the horrible intentions they had.


So you leaped in2 a relationship with his image and street rank at the forefront. Forsaking his criminal record, criminal activity, criminal mind, and your common senses that your momma continually plugged into your head. Yet, your desire to be loved exceeded, outranked, and eliminated what she said, because you never felt love and protection from a man. Even the father that impregnated your mother forsook you and lyrically you sought justice.


Years pass and he has not changed, he is still smoking, drinking, clubbing, and jumping off. You have become a young woman at this point and you feel frustrated. Wondering how to correct this mistake you stay, and pray that God will somehow fix this mess.


As an adult you attend an office luncheon, only to be greeted by one of his side chicks. The man you thought you knew from childhood was actually an ambassador of lies and a fictitious character altogether. As you flip through your faded photographs the disgust builds in your heart and now that you have married him you need to learn how to forgive. So what do you do and how do you do this, you ask? Well, you pray for them, and ask the Lord to help you learn to forgive them both or all. It will be one of the toughest decisions you will ever have to make. Just remember that he is your husband now, and not your boyfriend… anymore. Read my book and read how I learned the art of forgiveness. In the end it cost lost time, regret, and a lack of trust. Everyday, you will be forced to learn to forgive a bit more and more …. The key a lot of us forget is to not only pray for your marriage, forgiveness, and restoration, but likewise pray for the “slide(s)” Right Yan?


And remember, you have the God given right to be where you are! Don’t give them slides no room to break your union, nor 2 become you! Please bear in mind, ALSO – do not let him destroy you! If he has done anything requiring legal assistance, GET IT! If you have to leave until God breaks the chain, do so, just keep your chastity in tact! Trust mi, he will never be able to replace the truth and God will reward you for your virtue, as He is likewise united in this union until death due you part! Love Big Sis – Read my Poetic Justice #getpaidNroyalties

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You notice that “certain” friends, family, or co-workers are nice to everybody, but YOU and a few other underlings. They turn up there nose at certain MEEK people and you really don’t understand why? Even in “some” churches they turn up there nose if you wear earrings, nail polish, permed hair, eat meat, and NONE of those issues are EVEN commandments! Yet, all covered under THE BLOOD of THE LAMB and his GRACE and MERCY. We are all on a journey and NOBODY is perfect.


We should just pray for one another and not destroy there vision or purpose? We all have made decisions we have learned to regret. There are trial and errors on every mission, yet we all will find our way. You run behind affluent people who turn around and mistreat and talk about you. Only to find the one you verbally destroyed and ridiculed with no mercy always had your back.


After a while we all get fed up and say..



Romans 2:11 Amplified Bible (AMP)

11 For God shows no partiality [no arbitrary favoritism; with Him one person is not more important than another].