How Can I prevent Getting Cancer

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Why do we get cancer and how? 12/20 by CHASTITYS CHYLD | Education Podcasts

HPV is so common that nearly all sexually active men and women get the virus at some point in their lives. Although the overall racial disparity in cancer death rates is decreasing, in 2012, the death rate for all cancers combined was 24% higher in black men and 14% higher in black women than in white men and women, respectively. Even with an already high rate of occurrence, African-American women are two to three times more likely to have recurring fibroids or suffer from complications from them. Southern states bear the greatest burden of HIV, accounting for 50% of new infections in 2014.

Source: Why do we get cancer and how? 12/20 by CHASTITYS CHYLD | Education Podcasts

Cancer is impacting young adults at alarming rates! CHASTITYS CHYLD | Education Podcasts

LARK.pngHerbal therapuetic medicine has a huge impact on the healing of illness and diseases. We attempt to treat it with radiation and life threatening drugs, yet we never cure cancer. The lifestyle you choose to live can help hault the development of chronic disease and ultimately increase your lifespan. If your doctor gives you this bad news, what is the first course of action you will take? Think about it, and lets talk, and learn about it, shall we…

Source: Cancer is impacting young adults at alarming rates! 12/14 by CHASTITYS CHYLD | Education Podcasts

My favorite meal …

In honor of my ancestral Kingdom I am sharing my favorite dish. In addition my moniker – Lark – and finally my Kingdom mission

We the Kingdom SON’s desire Her Majesty Lark – Our Northern Queen Duchess To serve in Health Ministries under Sir Patrick Delves to the directive of HERbalanced Life Ministry to which she has been anointed and appointed Founder, Lead Minister and Priest. We thank and adore the manner in which you deliver the Royal Food. We the SON’s have spoken. – Response “I Lark, King Yeshua’s Hand Servant and resident Queen to the Kingdom of God on earth so agree to serve to my best ability – victory is ours, 2 the King!” My Art –Follow me here – #myart #click

Northern Abyssinian Queen, Duchess Lark – HERbalanced Life – Ityopia tabetsih edewiha have Igziabiher –

BERERE is a combination of peppers, garlic, onion and other spices that are dried and ground into powdered form. Berbere has a full-bodied, spicy taste and is very versatile, complimenting both meat and vegetables.

MITMITA is another combination spice. It is made from even hotter peppers than is berbere and contains onions, garlic, cumin, ginger and other condiments that are dried and ground up. Mitmita has a full-bodied taste. It is much hotter than berbere.

INJERA is a flat, spongy bread that resembles a crepe or pancake. Injera is made from teff, an Ethiopian staple grain, or from wheat and barley.

NEIR KIBE (purified butter) is butter cooked with garlic, ginger, cardamon, coriander and other exotic Ethiopian spices, and strained through cheesecloth.

MESOB is a tabletop on which food is traditionally serviced. The typical mesob is woven from straw dyed in bright colors and has a lid that is kept on until it is time to eat.

Shuro  Highly seasoned chick peas in a berbere sauce.

Tikel Gomen  Cabbage & potatoes cooked in vegetable oil, onions, fresh

garlic & a blend of spices.

Kosta  Spinach & potatoes slowly cooked in a blend of mild spices.

Zucchini  Green squash, carrots & onions sautéed in a blend of exotic herbs.



I am studying herbalism under Sir Patrick Delves and I always had an insatiable Queenly proclivity toward teas and herbs. After a failed three year marriage to an unbeliever and narcissist I blew up in weight and my gift of health was placed on pause. An unbalanced life can have that effect in addition to health ailments if not cautious and prayerful during the season. I was blessed to escape with all of my health in tack minus the weight, disappointment, and a broken heart. In this picture I was in Montego Bay with my husband within days of a horrific early miscarriage suffered in our Kingston Jamaica home. I felt the vacation would be refreshing, yet another bandaid on a utterly broken home. The weight was only beginning to climb here. Yet, I have at least gotten it back to this point, but the journey has just began…


I would continually attempt to leave my deported love child of a husband, however we would always end up reconnecting after up to a solid year of separation. This became a cycle and we both were living in a state of utter regret. I fought for the marriage until it was made clear to me that it was now time for me to fight for me.

Would you like to journey back down with me, I have already begun. I want any woman who is likewise battling her heart, weight, or health to follow me asap. The truth is not always pretty, but it always wins along with authenticity, love, and grace. If you have a hankering for any of the aforementioned  follow, like and share.

Meanwhile, go back and read some of the heart breaking and eye awakening topics our magazine has featured during my travail. I want this to help someone and free many. I know it will and already has if you are continuing to read to the very end. I am a Queen Duchess of the Abyssinian Kingdom and I have come bearing gifts. Get your taste pallet ready…